Ford Front Distributor Timing Jig - Model 9N-1200TG


The front mounted distributor used on Ford 9N, 2N, and early 8N tractors is serviced by removing it from the tractor and taking it to a workbench. There is no provision for adjusting ignition timing while on the tractor and the distributor must be statically timed on the bench whenever the points are serviced.  The timing procedure described in the workshop manual requires the use of two rulers to establish the initial timiming angle while simultaneously adjusting the position of the breaker plate to set the timing. This procedure is virtually impossible for one person to do accurately. The 9N-1200TG timing jig replaces the rulers and allows you to lock the distributor rotor shaft precisely and securely at the proper advance angle leaving your hands free to adjust the breaker point assembly.. The jig consists of a locking bar and mounting hardware which is used to attach the bar to the drive tangs on the distributor as shown in the pictures. Once attached the distributor may be turnned ove and the position of the contact breaker points adjusted with the aid of a test lamp or meter ensuring quick accurate timing every time you service the points.

9N-1200TG Timing Jug - $13.50 each