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Ford Engine Sleeve Service Tools

These specialty tools make the removal and installation of cylinder liners in vintage Ford tractors a painless and trouble free process. They are fabricated from quality alloy steels, designed for long life, and priced to fit the tight budgets of vintage tractor collectors and enthusiasts.

Driver Style Toolkits

The links below are to actual video footage of a customer using one of the driver style toolkits to remove and install sleeves in a 134 CID motor from a 600 sereies Ford tractor. Click on them to see the tools in action.

Click here to watch a YouTube sleeve removal video (13MB / 30 seconds)

Click here to watch a Youtube sleeve installation video (12MB / 30 seconds)

Driver style toolkits are available for the 120 CID L-head motor used in the N-series tractors and the 134 and 172 CID motors used in the NAA, Hundred, and early Thousand series Ford tractors. The "standard" 120 CID toolkit comes with a screw in handle and two driver bushings - one for sleeve removal and a second for sleeve installation. The 134 CID (SSK-FD-134D) and the 172 CID (SSK-FD-172D) kits contain a single bushing that is used for both insatllation and removal and are priced the same as the 120 CID kit.

Model SSK-FD-120D
$69 + $7.50 flat rate shipping
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The 120 CID driver toolkit can also be ordered with a full length installation tool in place of the installation bushing. This tool is a reproduction of the original Ford sleeve replacement tool used for installing the thin wall (.040) sleeves fitted in the earlier model years. It greatly reduces the likelyhood of buckling or deforming the sleeves as they are driven in and works equally well for the thick wall (.090) sleeves

Model SSK-FD-120M
$99 + $17.50 flat rate shipping
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Ford OEM Sleeve Replacer

Combination Puller/Driver Toolkits

The 120, 134, and 172 CID driver style toolkits can also be ordered with an optional screw type puller. The puller is an adjustable leg design with thrust bearing equipped jackscrew for smooth easy operation. With the puller it is possible to remove the sleeves with the crankshaft in place for "in-frame" sleeve service. The puller kits include the screw in driver handle and can still be used to drive the sleeves out from the underside of the block.The order numbers for the puller kits are SSK-FD-120P (120 CID), SSK-FD-134P (134 CID), and SSK-FD-172P(172 CID). A "master" puller style kit containing tools for all three engines is also available (SSK-FD-MASTER).

Model SSK-FD-120P
$139 + 17.50 flat rate shipping
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$179 + $17.50 flat rate shipping
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Professional Model Toolkit

The professional toolkit is intended for the the professional Ford tractor mechanic or collector and offers a complete range of coverage for vintage Ford tractors 1939-64. It extends the master toolkit with the addition of the OEM installation tool for the 120 CID engine and replaces the installtion bushing with a second removal bushing sized specifically for the thicker .090 wall sleeves. The additional removal bushing provides a more secure grip on the thicker wall sleeves and reduces the possibilty of the bushing becoming wedged inside a badly worn or damaged sleeve.


$229 + $31 flat rate shipping
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