Windy Ridge Farm

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So Glad You Stopped By!

Welcome to TheOldHokie's home page. I've created this site to explain a little bit about me and to introduce you to my family. I hope that the experiences and images I've shared here will help preserve the wonderful legacy bequeathed me by the intelligent, loving, and wonderful people that have brought me to where I am today

Whence Windy Ridge Farm?

Both of my parent's were from farming families. On my fathers side the Allen family raised sheep on several farms outside Glen Easton, WV. On my Mother's side the Guthrie family owned a dairy farm not far from there at Ryerson Station, just on the outskirts of Wind Ridge, PA. My folks were living in Glen Easton when I was born and I lived there for the first few years of my life. When I was about 4 years old my Dad took a job with the WV state government and we relocated to Charleston, WV. Over the next 15 years or so we made regular return trips to Glen Easton and Ryerson Station and always spent the holidays there. Both of these little communities were typical sleepy rural villages were everyone knew everyone else's business and as I grew up I developed a deep affection for that lifestyle. The picture below is an aerial shot of the original farm at Ryerson Station taken in the early 60's

The Guthrie Farm, Ryerson Station, PA ca. 1950
As we approached our 40's my wife and I were becoming increasingly unhappy with the urban sprawl and unchecked growth that was enveloping our suburban home. So we decided to move to the country. Our new found home was located on a piece of ground my Granpap Guthrie would have called "the poor side of the mountain" - a rocky, windswept and wooded hillside parcel along the ridgeline of Church Hill in Myersville MD. Windy Ridge Farm just seemed like a perfect choice to commemorate those early years of my life as well as a perfect description of our new home.